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debian Automatic removal of packages from testing


目前的Debian有一个机制,就是如果影响了RC的package,在一定时间内没有修复ftbfs的issue,会自动从testing 队列中删除,具体的邮件参考这里

摘抄如下 :



As we announced, we are going to start automatic removals from testing of some RC buggy packages, to help lower the number of outstanding RC bugs which affect the jessie release. We would like to emphasise that we obviously prefer to have fixes for the outstanding RC bugs, and that (auto)removing packages is only used as a last resort.

Packages which have RC bugs that are present in both testing and unstable, and which have no recent activity (currently this means no activity in the last 14 days) will be checked for removal.

If the packages are on the list of “key packages”[KEY-PACKAGES], they will be excluded from automatic removal. Also packages which have reverse (build-)dependencies in testing, will currently also be excluded from automatic removal.

Should your package suffer from an RC bug which needs more time to get fixed, the specific bug can be temporarily whitelisted. Please file a bug against with an explanation for the delay; these exceptions will granted on a case-by-case basis.

For packages which are marked for autoremoval 10 days in a row, removal hints will be added. These packages will usually be removed from testing fairly soon after that. You can see if any of your packages might be candidates for removals at [AUTO-RM-CANDIDIATES]. We activated the auto-removals at the time of this announcement, however until the 2013-10-15, the usual autoremoval delay of 10 days will be extended to 15 days, so you have some time to fix any outstanding issues.

If packages get autoremoved from testing, they can get back in when the RC bugs are fixed, using the same rules that apply to other packages. In most cases, this means that the fix can get back into testing after the usual 10-day waiting period.

Please note that packages which are excluded from automatic removal could still be manually removed from testing.

We would like to thank Ivo De Decker writing the actual implementation for finding these auto-removable packages.

Niels, on behalf of the Release Team.


[AUTO-RM-CANDIDATES] “dd-list”-like of packages considered for auto removals.

For automatic processing, use —–BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE—–



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